Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Foreo - Luna mini 2


I'm just going to say this first hand, this was an investment piece from Sephora! I've been eyeing this for a while now and it took me about, 3 years with comparison of other products like it. I did a pro's and con's of this and the clear sonic and thought this one was right for me. 

!!! Grab some popcorn or a cup of tea and LET'S GO !!! 

So far it's coming up to a full month of me using this, let me tell ya OMG !!! Defiantly can't believe I waited this long to get this in my collection. It's changed my whole cleansing game, noticed a difference after 3 weeks. My skin was smoother, healthier looking, helped with my un-even skin tone issues. Noticed a difference around my nose area where my pores are little large and noticeable. 

How I tested this for you I started to use this every other day, to see if I would get red after using this with my sensitive skin. Then I went to using it everyday to see a difference over every day use how it would make my skin feel after using it everyday on my skin. Using it everyday is great really feel like I got a good clean to my face, also the feeling that I would miss by using my hands. Also I didn't get that tight feeling that I would get with washing my face with my hands. 


- Leaves skin so soft and smooth
- Simple to use
- Charging is easy I just used the USB that it comes with, and extra iPhone cube. Took about 2hrs to charge.
- Great for travel
- 5 months on one charge
- No extra brush heads to worry about or buy
- Can use any cleanser with it
- Smaller size was great like someone like me who has smaller face or features.
- Different power levels ( week vibration  to very vibrating )
- Different size nubs on either side. I use the bigger nubs for my chin and forehead.

Key Items : 

- All skin types
- T-sonic cleansing
- Soft silicone bristles ( nubs )
- Ultra hygienic
- Charge once every 5 months
- 100% waterproof
- The bristles have 3 different points for you different skin needs
- Comes in 5 colors'
- Didn't bother my sensitive skin


- Price it was $159 +tax CAN
- I'd like the color choices be like the full size luna ( pastel )
- Is not as multi functional like the clearsonic ( pedicure brush head and the other heads for clearsonic)

What they said " Use twice daily for clean,yet gentle face leaning that removes 99.5%. Removes dirt,sebum* as well as left over makeup residue. Skin looks healthier, more radiant. 

*an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands.

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