Sunday, 10 January 2016

December Empties


WOW I can't believe it's 2016 and christmas and the holidays have passed. But another month has gone, and December is finished that means EMPTIES !! so here are my empties for December and   my empties for 2015. 

Biolage Normalizing Shampoo  If you have fine/thin hair and you get oily hair fast, this will be your favourite shampoo. Since I started using this my hair was always been oily by the end of the day, even with dry shampoo would always seem to make things worse. But this has changed my hair game huge, the light citrus scent is great and not to over powering. I just recently bought a 1L bottle of this because that's how much I love it. Also it helps to get rid of the build up that sometimes I get, from using hair products once in a while.

Purity face cleanser  This was my first high end cleanser I ever got my hands on. This cleanser is so gentle but it gets the job done so well, even the tough stuff. Took a while for me to get use to the smell but I'm glad I did, because I loved how it made my skin. It balanced my skin so nicely with out making my sensitive skin worse.

Adidas Body wash   To be honest I got this just for the fact, it brought back so many memories for me. I use to use this as a teenager and was obsessed with the smell, and I saw it in the drug store and I needed back into my life. It's not the most moisturising body wash at all, it cleans your body and that's about it. But I wasn't looking for that got it mainly for a walk down memory lane.

Urban Decay Primer Potion  I've tried 2 other ones ( Too faced primer insurance and Benefits) nothing has been able to beat this one. Urban Decay's Primer Potion hands down is my favourite. This stuff makes my shadow stay on for 24/7 belie me I've tested it lol, I just finished an old tube so I was still working with the doe-foot applicator. I like it more with the squeeze tube, you get to control the amount a little better than the old applicator. I haven't tried the other ones they have but I would love to try the eden one, it looks so pretty.

The Body Shop foot fizz   This I got years ago from my mom as a stocking stuffer, and finally I tried it out. It was like a fizzy pop rocket in the little bit of water I soaked my feet it, but it did make them smooth and soft feeling. It was fun to watch in the water spitz and fizz away, it was something fun todo before doing my own home pedicure.

Life brand Anti-Aging mask   Got these in a deal thing buy 5 and get them for $15 or it was something like that. I've never tried these ones before, but I was open minded thought why not give them ago. I got these at our local drug store (Shoppers Drug mart) the other ones were like your traditional masks. But this one I waited to use this one because it was peel off mask, I've never used one like it before. With these masks by LIFE I acutally saw a difference in my skin, not like the others I've used in the past. I think if I stuck to one mask or did some dual masks for more than once a month, I think I would really see a difference in my skin. Found this one made my skin tone even, shrank my pores where they are a little big. I have to give these 9/10 why only a 9, it's based on the store sometimes they have all the masks in stalk some don't.

The Body Shop Seaweed cleanser     First off I started with the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop, that stuff works so well.  I was a teen/into my early 20's with a bad acne problem that line helped so much. Than my skin started to change and I am with the skin I have now, get some acne when it's that time of the month but with a oily Tzone. I went back into the Body shop and asked what would be a great transition from the Tea Tree line to something that would be great for combo skin, the lady told me to try this. I'm so glad she did it's amazing stuff its light and creamy, leaves my dry spots balanced and my oily spots controlled. I use this in combo with their night serum and it's wonders for my skin and the texture of my face.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Length   I always carry one tube of almost done mascara in my purse, so if I don't come home or spend the night at a friends house I have mascara on. That is one make up item that I find you can't leave the house with out. So NYE I was at a house party the next day I needed mascara, I did one eye than realized I have just enough to do the other. This mascara is a great lengthening formula isn't very volumizing to the lashes. If you curl your lashes this mascara does hold a curl very well, lifts them very well too.

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