Thursday, 28 January 2016

Aloette - Aloepure ~ Essential Cleansing Oil


I got this just for shits and giggles when I had an Aloette Party at my house, it was something that I just picked up I had a $200 in my favour. I've always wanted to try one out but couldn't make up my mind what one, so I saw this and might as well attitude. OMG !!! It's my new favourite product, been using it now for 4 weeks everyday. I wash my face after with a cleanser and truly feel, that I didn't miss any makeup on my face. 

 It's a game changer if you haven't used an oil yet try it out specially if you wear, stubborn eye make up specially waterproof stuff. It's great for breaking down foundation on your face as well it just melts it off of your face. Quick and simple in one go gets everything with out rubbing or pulling of skin, which I find that makeup remover on a cotton pad will do specially in a rush. So glad I got this check out what  I truly thought down below. 


- Takes off everything even waterproof liner/mascara
- Easy pump bottle
- 60mL ( you get a lot of product)
- Feels nice on the skin spreads well over the skin
- Very conditioning to your skin, feels so lovely when after washing.
- Doesn't make your skin oily or greasy feeling.


- Defiantly know if you don't rinse it off enough, you can feel the water bead up still on your skin.


- Don't know how much to use ( 2 pumps doesn't seem like enough I do 3 )
- Kinda messy which I think I have to just get use to that part
- You have to order it from Aloette, or find a consultant.

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