Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Essentials - What's in my purse and makeup bag


As girls we keep everything in our hand bags or purses, if you're a mom it's the baby bag ! We don't have enough space or room to fit everything and take everything with us, but we do have room for the essentials.  My makeup bag and the little tampon case I got at Walmart, found handing on the side of the isle.  Never thought these 2 little bags would be so helpful on organizing on what I needed to keep with me. They were the perfect size for  travel as well specially if you have issue on space, they keep things so tidy. Never was I the one to carry a makeup bag with me, I don't like to re-apply my makeup when I'm out. So today I share my essentials on what I have in my purse at all times, somethings get rotated out for other products that are similar.

Hope you enjoy!! 

EOS Hand Cream - This is a great size for travel or purse, it's in a durable strong plastic. I find with the other travel lotions I'm afraid they might explode in my purse. Not only is this useful with me but it's come in handy of my friends as well. My hands become dry fast I'm very rough with my hands and I live in Canada with harsh winters and air. They come in 3 scents Berry Blossom ( pink )  Cucumber ( green) Fresh flowers ( blue ).

Compact Mirror - If you take powder with you, than you already have this covered. But I don't cary any make up with me to touch up, so a compact mirror was a great to have. I got mine at Sephora when you buy a gift card, you get a dual sleek compact mirror. The size of it works great for any purse or bag, it would be great for travel.

4hr Lip Balm - Burt's Bee's 4hr lip balm, is the way it works during the winter months. Also it's my instant relief for my cracked lips. It's a defiantly my go-to lip care in my purse and pocket, also is great under lipgloss and lip stick.

Roller Ball Perfume of DKNY ~ Be Delicious - It's always a good thing to have a travel size of your perfume or favourite scent. I got my roller ball tube from Sephora they have a great selection of these travel/roller scents. I love having mine it's a great way to freshen up or the nights where I don't come home.

Tooth Picks / Toothbrush  - It's one of those things that if you don't have them you need them. They are just one of those products that you should have, even those pick things that are iduviduatlly wrapped. Also they are great if you have something under your nails as well. I do also carry a travel size tooth brush with me as well.  Sometimes I've been at a friends house and I've wanted to brush my teeth.  Everyone can spare some toothpaste but not everyone is going to give up a toothbrush !

Advil/Ant-Acids - I suffer from headaches/migraine and sore knee's, advil is key. Ant-acids is something you never know if you will need them. Also it's also always good to have incase one of your friends needs them also. You can find both these products in travel tubes that make it great for purse and travel.

Famine Products ( Both Types ) - Don't know when you maybe in a situation! Also it's good to always have back up in your purse. Rather it be you using them or a friend may need them for an emergency. I always carry both on me, because myself I use both products! Also if you have a nose bleed or know someone that can't control and nose bleed. Tampon will safe the day  they are sterile and fits perfectly up your nose.

Mints/gum - I tend to like mints over gum find that mints keep better. Finding that gum was getting too squished and gross in my purse. Also you can find mint's in very cute tins' and travel packs that fit any where. Also great if you work in a dry work space, will help with you dry mouth or cough.

Tube of mascara -  I put this in my tampon holder fits perfect in there. This is one makeup product that I can't leave the house with out putting on. Also if you don't want to carry a whole tube a mascara with you, keeping those birthday gifts from Sephora works well. Before I had a full tube of mascara, I had a mini of Benefits They'er Real.

Also some key purse items 
- Travel size of deodorant
- Scope mouth spray if you want something stronger than a mint/gum
- Bandaids don't know when you may need one, I get small cuts on my hands all the time.
- Cell phone !!!

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