Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Body Shop ~ Oil of life. Some dry skin help!


Hope everyone had a good Christmas/Holiday, I hope Santa was good to all and everyone got everything on their lists. 

Few weeks before Christmas came,  I was noticing that my skin was on the dryer side. Which is ware when I'm a combination skin gal! But never thought anything by it, but than through the week I noticed my skin was getting flaky. I was like not before Christmas you aren't getting alligator skin, so I needed to try something to help my poor skin.

The weather didn't help at all my dry situation either, it was a couple days now till the big jolly man was visiting. I've never been the one to use a face night cream to help my skin, but specially during the winter time it might be a bad idea. For now I have something that is helping my skin wonders !!  Last time I was at The Body Shop the lovely lady gave me a sample of their Oil of Life face oil.  OMG that has been helping my skin care game huge! Specially at night just before bed or right after I get out of the shower ( WHAT WHAT !! Night time shower-er) To my moisturizer that I use that night, I add about 1-3 drops of this stuff and apply like normal. I do this at night because I want it to sink into my skin, I tried using this during the day I found it to be just a little too much for my skin. When this is soaking into your skin you don't feel oily at all, but there is slight oily residue. That  oiliness that sits on your skin, disappears with a little more time soaking in.

If you applying makeup over top of this, I would suggest a primer, just to help your foundation/bb cream to adhere too. This also helps any dry patches this might have missed before makeup application.


- Come in 30ml bottle with pipette for dropping into palms
- Very hydrating
-  Made from 99% natural origin oils
- 3 oils infused in 1  (Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia oil from China and Rosehip oil from Chile )
- You can mix it with any moisturising cream day or night
- 1-3 drops that's all you need
- Lightweight


- The smell is somthing you have to get use too ( got a very spicy smell too it) 
-  Little tacky at first goes away 
- Pricy little 30ml bottle is $44 CAN

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