Thursday, 17 December 2015

OFOTD - Work dinner look


Tonight I went out with some ladies from work before the holidays. This is our 2n'd year doing this with the same ladies, and since last year one of our ladies that works in my school went to another school. So we don't see her only for work meetings, so we thought the original crew that we all work well together should go out for dinner before christmas. So of course because it was a work dinner decided to get fancy and curl my hair and do some settle make up. I work with children and the last time I went all smokey eye, they are like " WHAT ARE YOU WEARING ON YOUR FACE". So this year I went settle. I took this picture before I headed back to work, my coat is Firefly got it a sports store we have here in Canada called SprotsCheck. Also my sunglasses I got at Walmart ! 

What I'm wearing : 

Brows : Aloette  Natural Taupe Waterproof  pencil 
Face : Aloette Ultra Finish in SPF 15 --> is a pressed mineral foundation 
Eyes : Primed first with Tooface shadow insurance than  I used my bronzer as a crease color ( Annabelle ) and than a shimmer mocha color on the lid. The mascara that I'm wearing is Cover Girl Super Sizer in Blackest Black. 
Lips' - I'm just wearing Smiths Rose Salve 

As for my hair :

First I towel dried my hair and took a nap, ( that's what I actually did! ) Than when I woke up I further blew dried my hair with some texture hair product. After that I took my curl wand and curled my hair. Before letting them cool completely I help the ends a little so it more a beach wave than a full tight curl. Finished my make up let the curl cool, than I used some moose and hair spray to hold everything in place. It gets better with wear because my curls fall every single time, my hair doesn't like to curl.  Going to list products below for you guys ! 

Fructis Style Deconstructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray ( Any Salt Spray ) 
Remington Curl wand 1" 
Tousle Me Softly Tousling Mouse - Herbal Essences 
Set me up non-aerosol hair spray - Herbal Essence 

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