Thursday, 10 December 2015

Holiday Season with festive Mani/ Pedi


Yesterday I got my nails done for the Holidays ! So I went with a red/sparkly french tip, with a silver line. I personally haven't done my nails in 4 years now I get Bio-gel done, I have thin nail beds so normal nail polish would last about 4 days before peeling off like a sticker. I was sick of doing that and needed a way to build up the strength of my nails. At the time my mom was the one who introduced me to gel nails. I like how my nails can last about 3-6 weeks before going back to get my nails done again. So today I decided to do a christmas pedicure to match my nails, so I decided to do a simple one.  This design is so simple, and you don't need anything fancy to complete it either.

What you will need for the pedicure: 

White nail polish 
Black nail pen or black nail-liner 
Red and Green Sharpie 

The trick to this design make sure all the layers are dry before adding top coat. I found that if I didn't let the sharpie dry all the way, that when I added top coat it made the colors bleed.  

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