Monday, 21 December 2015

Bath and Body Works - True Blue Malibu and keeping my feet soft


Beach Sand Foot Scrub -  This stuff smells amazing first hand! I use this with my pumas stone or block. I do a pea size amount and start scrubbing, if you like fresh scents you will like this smells like fresh apricots. If you don't like harsh scrubs than you will not like this one, it's very gritty and has some good chunks of salt. I like having a good "scrub" to a scrub, for the fact that you don't have to do much effort to get a good smooth result.  I have really dry skin on my heels and the balls of my feet, this scrub really makes my feet baby smooth.

Avocado Butter Foot Cream  -   This stuff smells amazing first hand. It's a very thick foot cream, which is nice because it doesn't slip and slid all over  your foot. I put a good amount on my feet and than take breathable socks or ( spa socks) on. I do this at night so it has time to soak in while I'm sleeping or watching TV. This is also a great hand cream, as well specially if you are having trouble with cracked hands.

* Bath and Body Works has a winter collection or an everyday collection  Here . If your looking for some great stocking stuffers or a work place gift. The pair of these would be a great gift.

** I believe the Malibu line is The Bath and Body Works summer collection. But you can buy the summer collection on Amazon or Ebay.

Mr. Pumice ( Ultimate Pumi Combination Bar) 

Lavender side  -->  This is great for my balls of my feet, where I find I need less scrubbing action. I do this side as a maintenance side as well, specially if I already had a pedicure  just keeps them maintained.

Dark Purple --> Coarser side than the lavender, gives your the right amount for those hard spots on your feet. I find this gets the very tough skin on my heels very well. Don't over do it with this side, because it's more abrasive than the lavender side, takes less time to get the job done.

** If your worried about bacteria in this, I found soaking it in hot water and letting it air dry seems to be the best.

Mr. Pumice site :
↳ You can get these at Sally's ! I got mine where I get my pedicure/manicures done, you just have to ask to see if they will sell you one.

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