Thursday, 3 December 2015

5 Tips to keep your skin healthy in the winter time


Seeing that it is coming to that time of year again, WINTER !! Here in Canada it means cold weather and snow. I only like this weather for the big comfy sweaters and hot coco, but with the good stuff comes along with frizzy hair and dry skin. With me its dry skin every where, doesn't matter how much I try to stay on top of it all it always catches me. Where I live also we have cold harsh snowy weather from November till about April in some cases, so these are some little tips that help me!!! 

Tip # 1 - Hydrate drink tones of water!! Can't say that enough it helps with everything, but again I'm faulty of not drinking enough H2O. I try to drink 1-3 bottles a day, but I tend to eat a lot of fruits/veggies which of water in them as well. Also what I love doing is adding fruit or cucumber to my water, gives some freshness and a great taste.

Tip # 2 - A good face cleanser and face moisturizer, will help hydrate and clean your skin without drying it out. Always remember you still need an SPF in the winter time, so try to find a moisturizer for your face that has SPF still.  You don't need a high percentage of SPF like you would in the summer months, but enough that it will help your skin during the winter.  ( The sun bounces of the snow and it too can give you a sun burn along with direct rays. It is often called snow burn)

Tip # 3 - Good hand or body cream, I get very bad dry hands in the winter time. Also get very bad dry patches on my legs, which tends to drive me crazy. A good hand/nail moisture is the Vaseline's intensive care hand/nail lotion.  A great body lotion that I found that works very well is a Lush product, their Charity Pot works wonders it's very thick and absorbs very well. If you can't get your hands on Lush, than it's gonna come off silly but baby lotion works amazing. Think I'm crazy but I'm not baby lotion is keeps moisture in babies skin, why not work on adults.

Tip # 4  - Exfoliate!!!! Both your face and your body takes away your dead skin cells, keeps your skin fresh and soft. There are some great scrubs out there, really it's just trial and error on how scrubby you like them. Also if you have sensitive skin I would try to look into something more with a grit than an actual chunky scrub.

Tip # 5 - Lip care always in the winter time will help to protect from the harsh weather. Back to talking about snow burn, you can also get wind burn for the bitter cold a good lip chap will help. There are many on the market at are target to winter/harsh weather, use I know Blistex makes a couple there are many brands that make them with SPF. I use BITE lip mask at bed time to help my lips while I sleep, it makes a huge difference if your lips crack.  Along with your skin your lips need to have a scrub too, to get rid of all the dead skin. Lush makes a great scrub and you can easy make your own sugar scrub with some honey and sugar. Using a scrub and good moisture will help specially if you like wearing lipstick, it will help !!!

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