Friday, 13 November 2015

Women's Adidas Body-wash - Cool Mint


This product is a oldie but a goody, I use to use this back in the day. In Canada we stopped carrying it and recently we just it back in stores. The smell alone of these products are why I get my hands on this. When I found them back in the store I just remembered the smell and needed it back in my life.  I find the gel version isn't  as hydrating as the cream base ones. 

- The smell is amazing
- Lathers amazing
- Makes skin feel great
- The scent lasts a good while on your skin, after the shower
- Little goes a long way
- Comes in 4 scents along with gel and or cream versions
(Vitality, Protect, Relax and Smooth)
- Local drugstores and Walmarts carry this product, in my case I got mine at my local Dollar Store.

Tie ( depending on your views ) 
- There are some scents that have the massage pearls, I know most don't break down in the water systems. But that is up to you rather you will like this product because of that. Not sure if these are plastic or not. They are very tiny like a grain of salt so really noticed them till the 2nd time I used it.

- Not very hydrating, from what I noticed anyways
- We only have 1 or 2 scents at a time in Canada
- Cap gets a little gunky

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