Sunday, 8 November 2015

Top 5 favourite products by Cover Girl


I can't take full credit for this blog post, my friend gave me the suggestion one night. She told me why don't you do a mini Top 5 post by one Brand. I thought that was a great idea, so here it is my Top 5 of my favourite drug store brand Cover Girl. 

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Full Lash Bloom 
Love how this makes my lashes look, very natural looking. I like fullness to lashes more so than volume, this mascara does that. The feeling this mascara on your lashes, is light and flexible not heavy or the feeling they are going to break off. I also feel that the bee's wax in this product, helps condition your lashes. After taking off this mascara my lashes, look so healthy. Also no spider lashes is a bonus with this wand as well. The wand sorta reminds me of Benefits They're Real, it's got smaller bristles near the end of the wand. Find it really grabs those small stubborn lashes that you may not be able to get. 

Flamed out Mascara ( Volume version ) 
If you want a full volume drama look to your lashes, this is the right mascara for you. The scoop to this wand fits your lashes perfectly. The big wand makes it a little difficult to get this little lashes in the inner corner. The formula of this is a tad on the dry side, which I like in a mascara it really holds on your lashes. I tad to concentrate this product on the outer lashes, if you wiggle and pull the wand, you get a false lash look. I'm not the one to where false lashes, so this cheat lash look, works for me it really lifts your lashes out. This product is also build-able with out making your lashes clumpy and spider legged like. 

Eye Quad in Country Woods (215) * Pictures and swatches below 
This is my favourite quad by them, it's a great settle look in one product. If I'm traveling I take this with me because it's everything I need, with gel liner to take me into night time or a darker brown to smoke it out. If you are starting out and want to learn how to do a brown smokey eye, this quad will help.  When I don't feel like doing a specific look, or using high end products. I just slap these not in any order. My favourite is the shade Mink in this quad with the cream color for a complete look. The pigmentation of these are great for drugstore, they are buttery and smooth and blend great!.

Professional Loose Powder #105 Translucent Fair 
This powder lasts forever, I've had it for months now and haven't put a dent in it. It sets everything with out being to much or caky specially if you use a brush. I find using the puff that it comes with puts to much product on. I tend to use this on my T-zone just to set everything and my concealer, it does set into pores so I watch it where my pores are larger. If you don't like it loose form they do have it in a press form as well. Also getting the pressed would be better if you do a lot of traveling, so you don't have a mess in your bag. 

Last Blast 24/h Mascara  ( Black tube ) 
If you don't like waterproof mascara, but you like how long waterproof last. Than you need this in your life. This mascara you need to take off with an oil or make up remover, or it isn't budging. I tend to where this when I'm going to a metal show or if it's hot. I tested it one day when it was really hot out during the summer, I applied it at 6:00am. I took it off at 8:30pm it still looked the same when I first applied it in the morning. The downer of this product you think you have it off all your lashes, the next morning you may have racoon eyes. 

* From an old post, the switches are flipped. Also the swatches is an old quad I recently bought a back up. 

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