Monday, 30 November 2015

Smith's - Rosebud Salve


I've always wanted to try this product, and finally I bought a tin up. Recently picked this up at my local Indigo ( book store ), they had this and the version in the tube. I noticed they had a few selection of each kind by Smiths. But I wanted to start with the original product to see how I liked it, before branching off on to the other ones. I've been using it straight for 3 weeks day and night and I see a different in my lips, they are more hydrating. I tried it before I went to bed, and the next morning my lips were in great condition. I normally wake up with very dried and cracked lips, this stuff fixed the issue. I find that because you don't need a lot of this product it is worth it. This past couple of days I've used it underneath my lipstick, it was a great barrier I find that lipsticks dry out my lips huge. I've always need a good balm before adding any color or gloss to my lips.


- Great to wear under lipstick or glosses 
- I use it as a treatment before bed time 
- Comes in many verities, but the ones I've only seen are the Mint,Strawberry and the Original 
- Comes in a cute tin
- Comes in a tube form if you don't like the tin. 
- Around $ 7-8 CAN 
- Because it is a salve it stays put and last longer than a traditional lip balm. 


- If you don't like lip products in tins, it can get under your nails 


- Too much if this on your lips, just feels to greasy and to much 
- If you have a deep crack in your lip, this burns. 

Can be found at:

- Indigo Book stores in Canada
- Sephora

Their Site:  -

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