Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Lazy Cleanser Day - Spectro Gel for Combination skin


I'm hear to talk to you about my "lazy" cleanser for those days that you don't want, to use anything fancy on your face but you still want it clean. That cleanser is Spectro Gel for combination skin, is totally different from any other cleanser that I've used. I tend to use this in the winter time, find it doesn't bother my dry skin issues. Also it helps with my redness that I get only in the winter time, I find it soothes it. If you prefer the really deep clean, than this product is not for you, I tend to use it with a mask or in combination with my other cleansers that I have. Not only is this my lazy cleanser I use it when I'm getting in from a late night. I just rub it into my face and take a damp cloth wipe it all off, its fast and simple specially when you just want to go to bed.

Have you tried this product or something like it ?! 

Continue for Pro's and Con's ...... 


- Cleanses face with out irritating your face 
- Get's all the make up off your face even stubborn kind
- Keeps your skin balanced, and even 
- Gentle enough to use everyday even with acne prone skin
- Comes in 4 different formulations for different skin needs.
- Can use wet or dry on your skin. 
- I like how I can just wipe it off with a warm face cloth and go. 
- Can buy at local Walmart or drugstores 


- Pump is a great but a full pump is way to much for my face. I tend to do a half a pump todo my face. 
-Took some time to get use to, it's not a face cleanser that foams. It took some time to get use to that. 


- It can be a bit pricy I tend to buy this on sale or try to shop around. 


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