Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How I organize my blog


When it comes to writing my blog, I start small I use an old school note book to write my ideas down.  With using coloured pens I use them to write the product(s) names, than use blue or black pens to write what I like or didn't like. I kinda sum most of what I want to write using, 9-14 lines per product specially if it's something like for a multiple product post. I also write to the point if I have a multiple post, what I did or didn't like about that product.

The posts that I do Pro's and Con's for  I tend to do a whole page of ideas and thoughts, those posts tend to be a little more detailed.  I also do notes in the margins specially if a posts still need pictures, if I'm done the post I write done, so when I type it all out I know what ones need to be done. For what I write down is only a base, or ideas, than I type what I have and use the idea to build around that.

When I'm on the go or I have an idea when I'm out.  I tend to write base ideas' in my phone (iPhone 5s) which my notes go right to my laptop or my iPad. Which all my notes are connected by the iCloud, which is nice for travel.

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