Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Top 10 Halloween/horror movies


HALLOWEEN is not a holiday but it should be, why you ask absolutely love it! I have a whole tattooed leg of halloween, even my family likes halloween. Also  it has a special place in my heart, my grandparents got married on halloween. So I give you my Top 10 horror movies 5 adult horror and 5 kiddy/family movies. When it gets closer to halloween normally a week before, I do a different horror movie each day. Don't do any movie in a certain order, I just pick a movie to watch till halloween night comes. 

So I hope these are on your next halloween movie list, either for you or your family. 

Top 5 adult Horror movie : 

Silence of the Lambs 
The Exorcist
Saw Trilogy ( very gory ) 
28 Days Later

Top 5 Family/kids halloween movies :

Hocus Pocus
Halloween Town Series 
The Night before Christmas 
Hotel Transylvania

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