Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Shades of the fall


Now that we are in fall season, I tend to switch my shadows to suit what the weather is like outside. Thought I would share my favourite shades of fall, if you have these in your collection that is great. But also if you have a budget stay within it, these that I'm sharing are some what on the higher end mark. There are some great dupes out there in the drug stores, that will help you out for a fall look. 

Think a good dupe for the UD Naked 1 pallet is the Maybelline Nudes pallet 

UD First Naked Pallet-  If you have the original Naked pallet in your collection you are set.These shades are perfect to create a fall look. Rather it be multiple colors to create one look or just using on or two darker shades to enhance a look. I find this pallet very versatile on the shades and how they can be used. The pigmentation of these are great and very silky, they are simple to blend find some of the color depending on how you layer can look a tad muddy. But that comes with skill I just find what way to layer to stop them on looking muddy or they tad to blend into on shade. My favourites out of this pallet are; Toasted,Hustle, Half Baked and Buck, tend to you Buck as a transition shade.

UD Smog-  I loved this shade so much in the Naked Pallet, I wanted it to have in full pan.This shade is pretty by itself, or blended in with a transition shade. Lately I've been taking a lighter shade and keeping this Smog shade on the outer < and smoking it out. It's very flattering color very natural looking on the eye, works great if your have blue or green eyes. With this shades comes a little fall out, but nothing to crazy.

UD Chase- This golden toasted shade that works well with smog in a look together. I tend to use this all over my lid, with taking a matte brown deepen the outer corners. I also use the tape trick with this look why because just giving a slight cat eye with this shade seems to knock it out of the park. When I use it just by itself, I tend to pack it on with a flat shader brush. Come back in with a clean fluffy crease brush and blend out the corner and edges to soften them up.

MAC Sable { Frost } - This is really close to Hustle by Urban Decay, find its a little more settle and less shiny. This is my first MAC eyeshadow that I bought and I'm glad I did, it works so well in every look I use it with. I find using a darker shade first before using this shade, doesn't blend in together and make a muddy look on your eyelid. Find using a flat shader brush is easier to apply this product, fluffy ones just washes the color out to much on your lid. I still want to try this as a transition shade using a fluffy brush, I'll let you know how that works out.

UD Last Call- If you have UD book of shadows or the Ammo Pallets' than you will have this shade already. It's a shimmery berry/plum shade this was out of my comfort zone when it comes to eyeshadow. I use this shadow with a champagne shade, all over my lid than I use this < on the outer V. I'm not brave enough yet, to wear by itself as an all over shade but I'm hoping I will try someThis shade has a lot of fall out, don't know why but tends to fall a lot, I just use a clean brush and concealer to fix the problem.

What are some of your fall favourite shadows, please leave comments below!  

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