Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Night time Routine using 3 products


If you a know a couple of months ago I had a friend do an Aloette party. I got tones of stuff due to the people that made it happen. So I got some products that I was interested on getting and some products that I wouldn't pick up normally. Using them for a week straight to see if I'd like them, I fell in love with this trio. I love how it made my skin feel, specially the next day so I thought it was a great night time routine. I was never big on doing stuff to my skin before going to bed except washing it, but with these that has changed.

Gonna break down the 3 products, why I like them. I hope you guys will consider these products, or let me know what are some of your favourite night time routine products. 

Line Control Eye Cream --> This product I was very up in arms about, never used an eye cream/gel before this. So far this product I've seen an improvement on my fine small lines around my eyes, helps with the over all appearance around my eyes. I just use a small dot between my ring fingers and gently apply this where I normally get puffy first that work my way up where you first get "crows feet".

Time Repair Serum-->  I directly use this after  my eye gel, but I let it soak in about 5 min before applying. I mainly use this on my trouble area's or what I think they are ( around my nose, where you contour and chin.) A pump and a little will do my trouble area's and a little left over do under my chin onto my neck area. I let this sink in for a good solid 8min, I normally put on body lotion after so it has a while to soak in.

Nutri-C daily Cream --> This has been my new favourite night hydration lately. It helps my tired skin from my long days, in a dry environment that just sucks the life out of my skin. I use a pea sized amount and spread it all over my face, with using a little under my neck. The scent of this is what catches me every time, it smells like oranges but a very light hint of it. I'd love it if they made one with an SPF in it, I would use it as a double treatment !!!

* All of these products are Cruelty free !

** Want any more info please leave a comment, or even if you want a review on one specific product let me know !!

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