Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cover Girls' - Super Sizer mascara


I'm a sucker for mascara specially drug store, but my all time favourite brand is Cover Girls. Cover Girl mascara were the first thing I picked up in the beauty world. I just use to be a mascara and lip balm gal WOW has that changed. Just something about their mascaras they come out with always get me. I love all of them from all the lash blast and even before that line, their formula is just don't know how to put it. It's not to wet or dry, the only one that I found out of their mascara was a little wet for my liking was this one. When a mascara is too wet I just tend just don't use it for a week, I take it out of the package it seems to help. 

- The formula is great holds up very nicely 
- Holds a curl from a curler well. 
- Very black formula 
- Great for volume got a good fullness to my lashes. 

* I wore this for 24/h, the formula held up very well. Still had my curl in the outer parts of my lashes. Started to flake a little in the morning, little tough to get off just used warm water or remover. 

* Not sure how I like the wand of this product, I don't notice the twisting brush/wand. If it didn't widen at the end and stayed the same width, would be easier to get into the inner corners of the eye.

-  It's a little tricky to work with, specially with the wand
- Wasn't a fan of the shape of the wand 
- Not the best wand if you have smaller eyes or small lashes 

Am I happy with this mascara.... uhh don't know yet Ive' only used it for a month. As of right now its a love hate. Don't like the wand but love the formula and what it does for my lashes. Also love the staying power that doesn't  loose it curl through out day or night. 

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