Tuesday, 6 October 2015

2 for 1 blog !!! Fall beauty care and shadows


Well it's time for heavy sweaters and latte's, fall is here !!! Better yet Halloween time is near that is my favourite day !! !! 

Going to share with you a 2 for 1 blog, first part is going to be my favourite skin care. Second part is going to be shadows that I love using during fall time. 

Laura Mercier Primer ( Radiant ) -  I use this just to have a even base, before I add any of my BB creams/foundations. Also it gives a good healthy glow, I tend to concentrate this product on my cheek bones. What ever is let over I just use around my nose where I get more where through out the day/night. 

BITE Lip Mask -  To be honest I love this product! Before I got my hands on this my lips were really bad, enough that I had a prescription for special lip balm from my doctors. Than I saw this on youtube on Guru's channel and decided to give it a go, so glad I did. I mainly use this at night and first thing in the morning 2x a day. It has fixed my chapped lip issue, I also use it after I scrub my lips with Lush scrub. 
*Note squeeze this product from the end of the tube, you will get the perfect amount every time. Just need a little amount. 

EOS lip balm- This is my everyday lip balm, specially in the fall time. Its super lightweight and easy to find in your purse, compared to the chapstick tubes.  It's moisturizing and gives me everything what I need in a lip balm. Also it's great to stick under lipstick because it soaks in pretty good. 

Vitamins E moisture cream -  Holy grail in the fall/winter, specially if you have dry patches or combination skin. It's so moisturizing and feels great on my skin, little goes a long way I've had this tub for a year now. Also it smells amazing, you can get it in a travel tub as well. 

I tend to lean towards these 5 shades in fall, they are great to have or similar shades. Either I use them in a look or by themselves. I tend to use Last call shade a lot  with a transition shade ( use a soft brown that is matte)  in fall as a "dramatic" look.  

Also just recently tried Sidecar and Smog together in a look, came out amazing !! Just started with Smog first than Sidecar because it gets  muddy looking.

If you don't have these exact shades, don't worry try your own combinations with the ones you have. Also keep in mind if there are shade(s) in a pallet normally, they have it in a single pan sometimes with a different name. What I like to do is color match, try to find the same or close to that shade in a specific pallet you may like. 
All Urban Decay -> Half Baked, Sidecar, Smog, Last Call
Essence duo -> Irresistible Choco cupcake 

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