Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Empties


Well guys it's another month pass, where is the time going! Going to share with you my September empties. I'm going to do a brief summery of each product, if you want any other info on a specific product please let me know and I will do a full review on them. Whats in your September empties !!! 

DKNY ~  Be Delicious perfume - This is my scent, I've gone through one big bottle and a little bottle. Mind you the big bottle was finishing half of it but still, all my friends love this scent on me! It's very fresh and not over powering, wears nicely doesn't fade or change with my body. I don't like flower scents so it limits my perfume game a little so it's nice they still make this. I've tried the others but still go back to this scent.

Cetaphil cleanser - I call this my lazy cleanser why you ask, I use it when I'm to lazy to reach for my actual good cleanser. Also I like it because it's a change from my high end and deep cleaning products I use on my face. I feel sometimes my skin like how gentle this product is, also it gets all the make up off with no effort or stripping my skin.

Tresemm√© dry shampoo ( travel size ) - This is a so-so dry shampoo, it works if you want some lift in your hair. It soaks up most oil specially if you are just throwing your hair in a pony tail, it's great for that.  But for all day wear in your hair, which I tested I had to reapply more spray later on that afternoon.

Neutrogena beach defence sun block in SPF 60 - To be honest I  just used this one my tattoo's, but when I did it's the best, didn't feel gross which all sun screens in my personal opinion are gross. But in all Neutrogena is my favourite drug store company and they make the best sunblock in my mind. I love how fast this went into my skin, didn't leave a residue. Did the job great also put some on my face to see if it broke me out, not one spot on my oily/combo skin.

Batiste dry shampoo ( Travel size ) -  This was the first time using this dry shampoo ( I KNOW I'm kinda late on the wagon)  But hands down I can see why this is a favourite across everyone, holy it works. I don't even mind the white cast it stick in my hair why because using my fingers or brush it goes away.

Redken body full shampoo -  Great volume shampoo, did I notice a difference in volume not really. Made my hair feel so amazing though, I love the scent of this was a lemon citrus scent!  If your looking for a decent volume shampoo, I would recommend this one.

Aveeno body wash in Lavender - So soothing for dry/irritated skin, always find their products so lovely. This one by far is so soothing specially if you shower the night before, uh the smell LOVE !. I've tried all the scents from this line and I still go back to this one, so creamy and helps my dry skin hugely. I love using this in the winter time too keep on top of my dry skin that I tend to get, also helps with razor burn right after I shave.

Simple cleansing wipes -  These are always good to have on hand, or any kinda of make up wipe. I like these smaller packs specially for my purse/travel, it helps when I don't come home from a night out or at a friends house.  Great for fixing mistakes or cleaning up the back of your hands from swatching.

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