Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Paul Mitchell 1" flat iron review


Recently just picked up a new flat iron!! But before I get into what new iron I got, gonna share with you the steps to why I'm getting a new one. I've had my share of different strengtheners, before my 1" CHI's I had a Babyliss 1.25". That straightener didn't keep my hair straight at all, than I found my love for CHI's. I had my original CHI for 16 years, before picking another one prior to the one I'm talking about today. The only reason why I had to get rid of my first CHI was my cat thought it was a good snack to eat the cord. When I picked up another CHI, thinking it was gonna be like my all time first one WRONG ! They don't make CHI's the way they use to, not just that technology has changed there are so many other products out there. So now my 2nd CHI is coming up to it's 9th birthday, it needs to be retired, it still works and I'll keep it as a back up. But thought it was time to get with change and get into the new Titanium plated irons. CHI's are plated with ceramic, back in the day that  was the " IT" technology but not so much now.  Thought it was time to get with the times and new technologies on hair heat products.

So enough with previous irons this bad boy that I picked up is the Paul Mitchell- Neuro Style 1" flat iron. You can also do everything from waves and curls too with this like any other iron on the market. I've been using this for 2 weeks now and I love it !! This straightener beats the CHI out of the ball park, in everything! Your thinking why not a GHD well GHD's are like $250 in Canada, so that way out of the question. Also they are hard to find at salon supply stores also  didn't want to buy on online, there are so many fakes mixed in with real one.

The reasons why I chose this iron:


  1. Came with a 2 year warranty.
    **  ( First year is by beauty supply store. The next year will be covered by Paul Mitchell.)
  2. Temp control settings goes all the way to 450 °F (  218°C ).
  3. Titanium  1” plates also comes in 1.25”.

  1. From sitting at 0 heats up in 60
    seconds. Also has a auto shut-off feature.
  2. Has pre-set heat settings for the types of hair. ( Thin, normal, coarse and professional use).
  3. Lightweight and has a rotation cord at the end so no tangles.
  4. LED display which is easy to read!

* Also when using any sort of heat on your hair, you should use heat spray or balm on your hair

There are only 2 places where I saw this iron at. One place was asking $209 plus CAN.
I went to where I get my hair dye at my local BSO,  I got it on sale for $181 CAN 

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