Wednesday, 23 September 2015

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Well today September 23rd I went to go get some piercings done. When I was 19 I got my 2nd holes of my lobes done. But when they pierced them, they were un-even and since that I've gotten older it started to bother me more than when I first got it done. So I went to my local tattoo shop that I knew did piercings but do your research for places in your area.

So the ear  ( left ) that was to un-even compared to my other one ( right ) that is the piercing we were going match. But before I got it pierced she asked if I took that stud out, and wait 3 weeks for the hole to close. 3 weeks went by fast and I couldn't' wait to finally have even piercings. But when I phoned and maid the appointment, I decided to add another piercing along with fixing my 2nd hole dilemma. Along with my one piercing to fix my old one, I added a forward Helix. My ears are really tiny are small so the one piercing I really like the look of  industrials or  helix I couldn't do. I think my next piercings after this one is maybe the Rook or Tragus, I like the look of them.

Lobe piercing pain -  Well the chick had a hard time trying to put in the jewelry, so fiddling with it hurt a lot but it was about  6/10. I swelled a little just took some advil to help with that, after the pain after kinds stung and little burning but nothing you can't handle.

Forward Helix - This one I heard so many mixed reviews on the pain, so I was nervous on how this was gonna hurt a lot. Not at all! it was a different pain, it felt that someone pinched that part of your ear really hard. This one after the fact didn't hurt as much as my lob did, little tender when I cleaned it thought. 7/10

* I did the pain tolerance out of 10 so you could judge how the pain was. But everyone is different so take in consideration. 
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Forward Helix ( right ear ) , My new "fixed" 2nd hole, and my other ear right side.
In the middle picture - My  "old hole" is between the 2 studs. 

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