Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cover Girls's Flamed Up Mega Curl Mascara


I love drug store mascaras but my favourites are Cover Girl mascara's I say to myself I'm going to try a new brand but I always go back to them. Out of all the CG mascara's the Flamed Up Mega Curl one I like the most for my lashes. It gives my lashes the right amount volume and length, with out the hassle of spider legs look. All their mascara's formulas really are nice and stand up to everyday wear.  They make a 24/7 ( Black tube ) mascara that acts like waterproof but doesn't break your lashes off. I've tried pretty much all of their mascara's and truthfully they are my favourite with their formula's and packaging. 


Keeps the curl to your lashes 
Doesn't flake/migrate
Easy to work with formula/ love the shape of the wand
I love very black mascaras 
Doesn't give you the spider leg effect 
I curl my lashes a little for extra curl, but it's not needed with this product. 

They are more issues than Con's 

After having this product for a couple months. The only downfall is sometimes you get clumps but easy fix. I just use the wand again to get the clumps or a clean spoolie, it only happens when I build this product past 2 coats. 

The big wand, is a little tough to get your inner corner lashes. * I just use the tip of it and it seems to coat the baby inner lashes. 

2 coats on my lashes.


US -
UK- http://www.covergirl.com.au
Canada - http://www.covergirl.ca/en_CA/

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