Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to school products skin care routine break down


At any age is good to start a skin/face cleansing routine, keep good health of your skin is key. But when your first starting out or going to school it's overwhelming on products and time. Just because your in school rather, it be just starting high-school or onto Collage or Uni.I think everyone will find this post helpful. I’m breaking it down into sections from drugstore to high-end products. You can stick to one line or product company or you can mix/match, it's up to you and your skin each person is different. Some of these products your might not like or your skin will react differently. That way everyone can do this with out feelign pressured on just high-end. I've listed below products I've either tried and I love, that product or I got them as samples.

These are some skin products that I use on a daily basis. 

Drug Store --> Neutrogena  is a great brand also they have a natural line. Or O'lay has some great teen and all around products as well. 

Mid Range --> The Body Shop - Tee Tree Line or the Sea Weed one

High- End --> Origins - Cheeks and Balance or Clarins line

Drug Store --> O'lay, Aveeno and Neutrogena all make amazing daily moisturizers

Mid Range --> The Body Shops Vitamin E line

High- End --> Arbonne or Origins, TARTE and First Aid Beauty

** When looking for a moisturizer for day use, look for something with SPF in it.
Depending on what time of year also you skin will react different, I know in the winter time my skin needs a little my hydration. That is up to you and your skins needs, specially if you oily there are some great oil free products out there.

Drug Store --> Simple Brand eye make up remover and wipes or the Neuatrogena cleansing wipes

Mid Range --> Sephora's line cleansing water

High- End --> Bioderma

Drug store --> Garnier charcoal scrub, Neutrogena makes the best scrubs specially if you like them abrasive.

Mid Range --> First Aid Beauty or Origins

High-End --> Glamglow or Peter Thomas Roth

** I find that Exfoliators are a preference thing, you have to try different ones till you find the one you like. That all depends if you want them really scrubby or not which can be hard. I tend to lean in the middle and ones are gel based, seem to help my sensitive skin and dry patches.

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