Friday, 18 September 2015

Annabelle Bronzers


I'm from Canada! so when it comes to makeup or beauty we have it or we don't, or if we do get it we may not get that shade or skin care product. The product I'm sharing with you I wish it was more easy for everyone to get it. The company I'm telling you about is made in Canada and you can find it in drugstores and Walmarts. The brand is called Annabelle , they have a wide range of stuff for everyone. Their range goes to the basics all the way to removers and some brushes depending on what locations. I've seen most places carry eyeshadows/liners, lipsticks/glosses powders/foundations. I personally love their eye shadows but now totally in love is there bronzers, enough that I've got  2 of them. One is more slightly orange toned than the other but it doesn't show up orangey on your skin, also it's got a little more shipper in it compared to the Biggy Bronzer. If you are rocking the white/pastey fair skin like me these are great. Also there are great shade range Perfect Bronzer has 6 shades the Biggy has 2  shimmer and 1 is  matte. 

If your new like me to the bronzing world I would recommend to start small, like drug stores. There are so many options in drug store products, also the price is way better specially for something you may not use on a regular basis. The pigment of these are decent, the formula is build-able. How I apply them is kinda odd, I use a blush brush that is a tad on the fluffy side ( E.L.F Blush Brush). Always remember to do bronzer on your face like a 3, or where the sun would it your face. Found going to Sephora to be intimidating specially if you have no idea about bronzers. 

What are some of your favourite Bronzers ? Leave a comment below to share ! 
The Biggy Bronzer also comes in MATTE
Perfect Bronze is around $7 CAN
Biggy Bronze is around $8-10 CAN

Also they don't have any :
Hypo-Allergenic. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free.

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