Tuesday, 29 September 2015

L'OREAL Infallible lipstick


I got this new favourite drugstore lip product, when I took my trip to the USA. I had an older version of this in my collection, but it was time to get a new one. Out of the 14 shades there was one that stood out, the one that I picked up ( Passionate Petal #111) is a good all year shade. With out the clear top coat, this shade  is on the matte side which is like having 2 lip products in one. Just how long is this ok, I put it on at 8am with eating and drinking and around 6pm it was still on. Around the 4:30pm it looked a little warn I just though on a little lip balm and it pushed it through till I took it off. One things I found with this is, you have to put on lip balm a head of time and wait till it sits. It doesn't go on well at all over top of lip balm, it seems it doesn't adhere well.


Up to 24h lip color intensity
Not heavy feeling
Wears evenly
Great range of colors 14 shades
No transfer
Last a long time with out touch ups


Little difficult to take off with water ( Need an oil make up remover )
Sticks to dry spots on your lips
The gloss on the other side fades faster than the color ( reapply )


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