Monday, 31 August 2015

August Empties


Well  it seems I don't do enough of these for you guys, I apologize but truthfully I don't use that much product. I switch through so many different products that I find it so hard just to finish one product. I don't even think I've hit pan on any of my eyeshadows, that's how often I switch products. But yet WOW it's September already, it's almost time for me to go back to work.

EOS shave cream -  This is my favourite shaving cream, it makes my legs so soft after shaving. One thing this is more like a lotion tad on a thick side. Unlike the Aveeno one, this doesn't slide down your leg, before you can shave that area. The vanilla scent is pleasant and not a fake smell at all, also not over powering.

Aveeno skin relief shave cream - I tend to use this when I don't use the EOS one, I find it helps with my razor burn that I tend to get sometimes. Also I love this one in the winter time, when my dry scaly legs are in full effect. This is a weird formula it's like a gel and cream combined its very foamy, easy to get a close shave with this. When shaving I tend to do a section at a time, seeing that this one tends to slid and move before you get to shaving.

Olay body wash -  This came to the US trip with me, I love how creamy this product is. One of my favourites this one only, tried the other scents but not a fan too much. It leaves your skin so moisturized and nourished, tend to get a big bottle of this for our Canadian winters.

Pantene dry shampoo - This little bottle of this which is in the travel section I found in walmart. But before I found in walmart I saw these in my local Dollar Store. This is my favourite cheap dry shampoo, Batiste in Canada is $8-9 a big can $4 for a little travel can. So I tend to lean on different brands, even though I love Batiste dry shampoo. This one does the job and what I need it todo, the spryer i really like you get a good full spray with the nozzle.

BB&W candle in Sunshine -  So bright and cheerful scent, had a citrus smell to it. I love BBW candles they last a while and they burn evenly. You can get some good deals as well, normally go when it's 3 for $25.

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