Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Vacation pictures - Williamsville NY ~ SALVATORE'S PATRIOTS AND HEROES PARK

Ladies ! 

Last week I took a family trip to the USA! We went for 3 day little trip to where my parents like to go, Williamsville Buffalo NEW YORK. My parents had their passports before me so they went more recently back in October. I recently got my passport so now I can go with them, and or go on my own vacations.  Even though our dollar sucked and there wasn't too many good deals, still got some products that I couldn't get in Canada or they were cheaper in the states than back home. Also it was a great mini vaca, it was far enough from home.

Across the street from our hotel was a little memorial park for Patriots and Heros'. So one night after going out for dinner, we got our coffee's and tea and walked though this little park. It was very interesting and well maintained. 

I used my iPad for the photo's all photo's were taking by KT's World

The Town's website : http://www.walkablewilliamsville.com

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