Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lush ~ Bubblegum scrub


As far as scrubs go this is the best one I've used. Even passes past the E.L.F one, specially with my bad chapped lips. Took me a while to go get this in my collection, because I don't have a Lush near me, it's a pain to get to all the time. But this was one of my gifts from my parents on my birthday, and I am so glad they got it! All the reviews and youtube video's using this stuff is truly truthful, this product works very well. The real test will be this winter time, where I find is the worse time on my lips. 


- Smells amazing 
- Taste heavenly 
- Takes all the chapped skin on your lips
- Easy to use
- Great prep to adding your favourite matte lipstick or even getting an even canvas for lipgloss
- Vegan
- Don't test on animals 


- Little hard to get out of the jar
- Messy a tad to get out of the jar 
- Tempting not to eat the whole thing !! 
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