Monday, 27 July 2015

Aloette Lip color


These were the 2 colors I got in my last Aloette order, so far I've been loving them. These 2 things maybe look like the same color but let me tell ya they are both different. They both wear amazing and I'm glad I got them, specially found a gloss that isn't sticky. I tend to layer these products it gives a great effect, specially after the gloss wears off I still have color underneath. The crayon by itself is a little drying and it feathers a little, using a scrub before the crayon is key. I put the gloss over top to give it a little more hydration, also once the gloss fades you have the crayon color under it. So I dd a pro' an con's for both, hope you enjoy!

Crayon ( Plumb Iris ) Pros' 
- Easy to apply
- Twist of the bottle to bring up more product ( no sharpener needed)
- Bold color
- Comes in 4 shades
- Long wearing

- Drying, holds on to dry areas
- Feathers
- Need to use a scrub and lip balm under product

Lip gloss ( Berry Bright ) Pro's 
- Minty
- Plumping effect
- Very vivid color
- Comes in 4 shades
- Get at least 2hrs no eating or drinking with color
- High shine
- Not overly sticky very smooth feeling on your lips

-  Fades when eating and drinking
- Little tricky specially with me who needs to work on lip application process lol

Berry Bright and Plumb Iris 

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