Wednesday, 17 June 2015

TARTE - BB Cream


It took me a while but finally got my hands on a amazing BB cream! I started at drug store BB creams but found that was too heavy for my skin,  color selection was also limited to what was there. Took me some good trial and error, and a lot of samples from Sephora. We are talking about the TARTE - Amazonian clay line, before this purchase never used anything from them before.  So my thoughts on this and rest in the line, was very open minded. I'm glad I did check out this company and this product, it's so wonderful.This BB cream  blends so flawlessly into my skin, I've used 2 different applicators ( brush and make up sponge {damp}  ) to apply and  get the same results. I normally on a night out on a weekend, I start my makeup when waiting for my straightener to heat. Which is around 9 and won't be washing off my make up till about 3:30 or 4 in the morning so it's on my face a while. I've used this with and with out primer doesn't matter which you choose, still lasts through even till the next morning sometimes. I've not yet tried this in the hottest part of the days, I tend not to wear make up on hot summer days, but if you would like to know I'll leave a comment. 

How I apply: 

I squeeze about a pea or smaller amount on my finger,  apply small dots around my face. I do about 5 or 6 dots of product, starting on my cheeks. Find thats the perfect amount to do my whole face and some to bring down onto my chin/neck, normally just use what ever is left over from brush/sponge. Than I take my brush or sponge and press it into my skin don't rub it in, you will be rubbing most off into the brush or applicator. Press it in till it's all blended, than I do a light dusting of setting powder in my Tzone, thats where I get oily first. 


- Easy to blend with brushes or make up sponge
- Last a good while on my skin with out or with out primer
- Light weight
- Squeeze tube less product waste
- Oil free
- Vitamins' A,C and E
- Light- medium coverage
- 1.7 fl.oz 
- Not to wet or dry consistency


- Sticks to dry patches

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