Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Nivea - In shower moisturizer

Ladies ! 

Let me tell ya this stuff is amazing! It cuts one more step out of my routine, it's fast and so simple. I'm talking about the in-shower moisturizer from Nivea, WOWIE it makes a difference on how my skin feels. 

Step 1 : Do what you need to do in the shower (i.e. shampoo shave, etc)
Step 2: After washing body and everything with your favourite body wash.  I do it right after I wash my hair and face. 
Step 3: I apply this right after I rinse off my body wash, and right away wash it off

Than when you get out of the shower your skin is so soft, I still apply my favourite moisturizer just for added silkiness not every time though.  

Your thinking why I have 2, the Shea butter ones is a back up to the bottle we are using now 


Leaves your skin feeling amazing after using this
Great for after shaving along with adding a light moisturizer after for extra soft legs
Gives your legs and body some good moisture with out a residue  
Bottles aren't to bulky for the shower/bath good size bottle 400mL
3 amazing versions of this, you can find one that's right for you ( listed below) 
Smells amazing  
Has one for every skin type need

Con's : 

Takes some time to get use too 
Takes a little more amount to do each leg ( melts to easy into skin can't do hole body with a blob) 
Cap get a little messy 

Almond( dark blue) , Shea butter ( light blue ) , Sea Minerals ( white ) 

Canada site :

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