Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favourites


Wow time is just a flying ! Another month done WOWIE !! Sharing  with you my June favourites ! Hope everyone's June was as good as mine. I'm now off till September with work, so I will be enjoying myself full of sunshine ! Let me know if you used any of these or want more an in-depth post. 

NYC Mascara -  This is my walk out the door slap on my lashes mascara, why use the good stuff. I look at this way why use the good stuff when I’m just going to work and running around. It gives my lashes some great volume and lift, for the price you can’t go wrong. Also it doesn’t make my lashes hard with product, there is still flexibility. 

Aloette Aloepure Nutri-Hydrating mist - I got this at my last Aloette party, and OMG it’s the best thing. Its’ quick and easy to apply it’s a fine mist but HOLY it packs a punch. I use it in combo with my Body Shop Sea Week night serum. I’ve also used it by itself and it’s super hydrating, my skin feels so amazing after using it. 

Garnier Body 7 day moisturizer -  This is perfect for the summer time, its gel based so it’s much lighter than regular lotion.  I use this mostly when I’ve spent all day lounging in the pool and in the sun. Gives my skin a little more moisture with not feeling to heavy, during the hot sticky days. 

BITE Lip mask  -  This seems to be my go-to before bed, it’s so moisturizing. Also I’m finding it helped after I forgot to add lip balm before going out in the sun. I burnt my lip pretty good they were sore for a week, this helped them and soothed the damage till it peeled. 

TARTE BB Cream -  Hear that that’s little angels singing for the product!!! OMG it’s my beyond favourite. I’m in the shade light, the coverage is light-medium  with concealer the coverage is great. It’s great for summer it’s so light and refreshing on the skin, wears great don’t have any issues on long days.

Banana Boat SPF 60 Sport -  I just recently picked this up, so far it’s doing what it’s tended to protecting my skin from the sun. I like it because it’s water resident, which is good when you sweat, or in and out of a pool. I started to mostly at work, we spent the whole day outside and I needed something to stand up my physical activity running around with the kids. 

Aerius allergy medication -  This is my savour, with out these I can’t get past March- August. I’m allergic to anything that is green and starts growing, pollen as well. It’s horrible sneezy watery eyes the whole sha-bang.  

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