Friday, 5 June 2015

Aloette part 1 ~ start your own party !


Recently had an Aloette party at my house. My friend chose recently the path on consulting for them, so she asked me if I wanted to have a party! I said of course didn't mind trying to help a friend out specially when she reaches out towards me. This post is going to be a 2 parter, this is an in-sight to the company how it works. Part 2 is going to be the haul on what I got, product info from my perspective/opinion also swatches.  So if you don't know what Aloette is, it's beauty/makeup products that have been around for many years. So you maybe wondering how this works it's simple?.... 
Find a consultant, it so happens that I have a friend that is one. But if you don't know anyone just simply fill out the form on Aloette's website, they will set you up near you. The day of your party your consultant will show up an hour before your guests arrive, she will talk and walk you through products that work with your skin type. You get a mini facial with the products, than she does your make up with their make up line. Your guests show up, your consultant will walk your guests through everything in their lines. She will do demo's and talk about each product what they are, than she will do your guests orders. If you the host and your guest bring a friend they can have a chance on getting a gift.
Your benefits of being a host:
1. Free facial & makeover valued at $50.00
2. Product shopping spree!
  • $100 for $19.95 (show $200 to $299.00)
  • $150 for $19.95 (show $300 to $599.00)
  • $200 for $19.95 (show over $600)
  • $250 for $19.95 (show over $1000 or more)
3. 8 ordering guests at your show SPA package for only $8.00
4. For 2 bookings from your show - Our 7 piece brush set for only $8.00
5. For every booking $100 ( for 19.95) [ Redeemed at booked show ]
"Aloette is one of America’s leading direct sales beauty companies, specializing in scientifically advanced skin care and makeup with good-for-your-skin ingredients. For over 30 years, Aloette has empowered women with superior products, a network of dedicated beauty consultants and a business opportunity for personal success."
Back in the day I use to use their acne cream called "Visible aid" it was the best on the market and still is. All of their products have organic aloe in them, does your skin some wonders. But it's been so long so hosting a party was great for me to get updated with some of their new lines they my have brought out since.

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