Friday, 5 June 2015

Aloette haul part 2


Like I said in the part 1 my friend recently reached out to me on the products from Aloette. She is starting a new path of her life and started to consult for them. If you aren't aware Aloette been around for 30 years, they use good for your skin ingredients. In part 1 I shared  how to start your parties and what gifts/deals you could do if you hosted a party.  

Their Products:  ( what they say) 
Scientifically advanced technology with nature-based ingredients like organic aloe vera, that will help your skin be healthy. 
What I say : 

I've used their products now on and off since I was a kid, my grandmother and mom have used their products. When I was a teen they and still have the best, acne cream out there. The cream is called Visible Aid, it's great for everything! That is in my mom's order if you want to know what she got leave a comment and I'll do a post on what she got! Back to the products and what I think, it's a little pricey but I also worked it out to be the same as going to Sephora. They do a lot of bogo sales and if you host a party, you can also get deals there as well. I got my Planer filled ( 6 items ) for  ( $24 CAN ), that is little over the same amount at one eyeshadow at MAC or any brand from Sephora. 
In my pocket planner: 
Rose petal blush 
Ultra finish SPF. Medium 
*Desert heat eye shadow 
*Candlelit eye shadow 
*Dulce eye shadow 
*Sienna rose lip stick 

* Shadows/ lipsticks come in matte and shimmer as well 

Unfilled Pocket planner ( $36.00 CAN )
Blush pan ($17 CAN)
Foundation Pan ($32.95 CAN)
Each Eye Shadow Pan ($10 CAN) 
Ultra Finish SPF 15 Medium mineral foundation, Blush in Rose Pedal, Candlelit,Desert Heat,Dulce 

Sienna Rose lipstick packed with Shea butter and vitamin E 

My 4 part skin care : Aloepure - Aloepure comes in 4 different type (Dry,combo,oily,normal) You can also mix n match to fit your personal skin type like I did.

Foaming cleanser
Sensitive skin toner 
Nutri-c moisture cream 
Restorative enzyme peel 

If you want more in-depth reviews on each product please let me know ! 


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