Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Summer face routine


Finally think the nice warm weather is here to stay, but with nice weather comes long days in the sun. If you like me I love the outdoors and sitting by the pool, but that comes with great reponsabilityResponsibility on keeping you skin safe from the sun and the elements, sometimes finding the right products can be confusing.  So I'm sharing with you the products that I use to make sure, my skin is protected from the sun, all the outdoor fun I have rather it be just doing running around or sitting by the pool. 

Purity cleanser -  This cleanser is a great bang for you dollar, this bottle has last me 2 years. It's a great cleanser it doesn't make skin tight nor irritated. Specially if I go out the night before and just take off my make up with cleansing water. I use this the next morning and it takes all the residue off my skin. It makes my skin balanced with a great glow to it, takes some time to get use to the smell.  I use a pea size amount to wash my whole face with a great lather. 

Olay Fresh Effects Moisturizer in SPF 15 -  I bought this on a whim at the drug store, I'm glad I did it's amazing!! It's lightweight enough that you can wear it under makeup absorbs nicely into skin. Smells heavenly like fresh green grapes, but not to strong that you get sick of it. I use a longer lasting face sun screen, I have to get a new bottle of the Neutrogena face sun screen. 

EOS Ball in Blueberry Acai - This is my go to everyday lip balm, I have pretty much all the flavours. They are best lip balm, it's the only one that doesn't make my lips worse, find them more moisturizing than some out there.  Found while working outside having sun burnt lips from the wind/ sun sucks. Because your lips are thinned skin, they tend to burn fast from the elements, found this out the hard way one year. I layer my lip balms I tend to use this one in the morning, and right before I go out the door I add an SPF one. I'm one of those that has lip balm everywhere in my purse. Also if you want full protection EOS has a lemon drop flavour that is SPF 15.  But I tend to mix it up between all my lip balls and balms, fast simple out the door kinda lip balm. I do try to find a SPF in my lip balms and glosses. 

Neutrogen Beach Defense  in SPF 60 - When it comes to sun screen Neutrogena is my favourite, hands down one of the best out there.  I hate the feeling of it in general of sun screen, but this stuff is different feeling. It's not greasy it absorbs great in the skin, doesn't have that sunscreen smell.  I love this one and the dry touch one they have in their line as well as this one. But this little trial size of their beach defense is for my tattoo's, find it spreads more evenly over my tattoo's than their other stuff. It's a little more thinner so when I spread it over my large pieces it smooths out more. This product has UVB/UVA protectors in it so your well covered. 

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