Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My mani & pedi combo


Today I got my nails and toes done, at my local salon. I took my mom with me as well I payed for her pedi, it was a late birthday gift. I get Bio-Gel on my nails because I like the way they look, and they don't break as easy as they use to. I just get normal nail polish on my toes, now a days you can get crazy colors. My salon has an array of salon brands to choose from; OPI,China Glaze, CND,Essie-Gel and IBD. One thing I think is neat about my salon, once she has some bottles that are almost finished. She will mix those similar colors together to make a a custom color, and she comes up with a name with the old names of the old bottles she mixed to make the new color.

What are some of your favourite spring/summer combinations. ??

Nails : Is a custom color from my salon also with a sparkly coat both CND
Toes : CND -VINYLUX in Tropix (154) 

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