Sunday, 31 May 2015

May empties !

Lovlies ! 

Holy moly batman it's the end of may where has the time gone... Well with the end of the month comes empties. Sorry for the lack of favourites this time around, I'm still using the same products. Most of these will be a repurchase's these are great products to have, some of these are also samples.

BBW White Citrus body wash - This stuff from Bath Body Work is heavenly. Light citrus smell is so refreshing in the shower. Even after the shower you still smell it on your skin, but it's not over powering.

Mitchum deodorant -  This is a great deodorant/antiperspirant combo! It works well but lately trying to find one that works is hard. I did post on others that I'm trying to find a replacement for this one. Some stores only carry this or the other one but never both at the same time, its a tad frustrating.

Sensodyne pronamel -  If you have sensitive teeth like me, you will like this one. I drink a lot of tea and juice so my dentist recommended this to me. It helps protect your teeth from acid wear from drinks and food. Enamel on your teeth can be worn away from a acid rich diet this toothpaste helps the wear on your teeth.

Vaseline hand nail cream  - Best hand cream for dry hands and nails. It is a new found love again, use to use this back in the day. I forgot how amazing it is and in the winter it saved my hands from cracking which they do in the winter time. Also it smells amazing not to thick or runny just the right texture, soaks into the skin nicely.

Benefit ~ They're real -  This was the first high end mascara that I've tried. My thoughts are mixed on this one. It was great little wet for my liking but the finished product is great, lashes are full and great volume to them. One complaint I do have about this is it smudges a little on me, it's horrible to get off at the end of the day.

BBW Candle  Oceanside - Great summer scent light and refreshing, there candles are my favourite. They burn evenly and there is a scent for everyone ! I love when they have the 2 for $25 or 3 for $10 they have always good deals.

Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser -  When I was a teen this was my saviour I had bad acne in my late teen early 20's. This helped my skin clear up to now where, I don't have to worry about using specific products on my face because it's clear. Addressing one thing, you have to get use to the smell it took some time.

Simple makeup wipes - Quick and easy to get your make up off, not saying just use these. Use in combo of washing your face to get all the makeup off your face. They are also a great way to fix makeup mistakes, rather that be shadow or liner.

Samples : 

Blue berry and strawberry body butter from The body shop
Origins - GinZing energy boosting moisturizer
Boscia BB Cream SPF 27

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