Monday, 11 May 2015

Lip products finally get to use !!


Lip products are all new to me, why you say well get some popcorn and get comfy !! 

Lip products are new to me because I've always suffered from dry cracked lips. To the point where even just a pale pink looked horrible on my lips. So I've been trying to be better are my water intake, and using lip scrubs and lip balm to help. Lately my lips have been in a great condition to wear, all of lip products. Most of the time they just collect dust in my collection because my lips are horrible. 

NYX Xtream lip cream in ($6) :  
I find with these you still need to wear something underneath them. They are a little on the dry side on my lips and it shows over time. Now that Canada doesn't have target any more, these are a little harder to find. I know some Rexall drug stores carries these but yet gone to my Rexall to see if they do carry these, think it may be only big Rexall stores. 

Buttery Nude -  This pinky-nude is a great fall shade I think, I've worn it to a wedding and it paired nicely. The longevity of these are great they tend to last a little more on me. One thing I hate and seem to be a lot of an issue for other bloggers, the stickiness to these I don't like.

Absolute Red - This blue toned red is so pretty!!! What I did to wear this, was used a tinted pinky lip balm. Found out doing that it gave me a little longer on wearing it, it's drys out your lips and settles. I line my lips after with concealer because this likes to feather out into your lines and is a little hard to control. Its one of those colors that you have keep with you to fix issues through out the night. 

Randoms' :

NYC Big City Blush - This pink pearl color is my go to everyday run out the door color !! It's a plumping gloss, really don't notice to much volume in my upper lip but bottom lip BAM!! Its a great cheap lip plumper that works for everyone! They come in a great range of colors, it a huge applicator, take some time to use it in a pinch. 

NARS ~ Dolce Vita - This warm coral nude color, is my favourite color to wear. I tried the lipstick at Sephora, but not a lipstick person so the lady told me the color came in a gloss. I fell in love it works so well if you can't pull off nudes, because they wash you out try this one!! It will change how you feel about nudes and light shades of lipstick/gloss

Urban Decay ~ Thedora  This red OMG let just say it's the perfect cherry red! Sad thing is that was limited edition, it came in my UD Wizard of OZ pallet. But don't panic I gotcha they make a dupe for their own limited edition color. The shade is "69" it comes in a 24/7 pencils and one of their bullet lipsticks. I'll be purchasing this in the 24/7 pencil after I'm done this crayon, find they stay better on my lips than a lipstick would. 

What are some of your favourite shades ?! 

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