Monday, 25 May 2015

Laura Mercier ~ Radiants Primer


Before purchasing this product in a travel tube shown in the pictures, I got a sample of the original version first to try. The original is a little bit more gel based feeling than this  radiant one. The radiant one is a little more cream with a pearl finish after blending into skin. I do love how this gives me a little glow underneath my BB cream or foundation, but not to dooey that it looks oily on my combination skin. Never thought I would buy a primer, but since getting older I've found my skin on my face is changing. My pours around my nose and parts of my cheeks need a little help, thought this was a good way to start. With adding this before applying my BB cream/foundation, find that in my problem areas' product doesn't flake away. Come's in 5 types selected online at Sephora; Radiant ( bronze tinted as well) , Original, SPF 15, Oil Free, Hydrating think the types depend on how big your Sephora is. 


- Makes my BB cream/foundation looks smooth
- Easy application blends a little more better, than just on bare skin
- Little goes a long way I do little dots than blend all over my face or just problem area's (Tzone)
- Comes in Full tube or depending on your Sephora you can get travel sizes on the selected types
- Gives a great glow under foundation or BB cream 
- Small hole whole on  tube, give you right amount. 


- Price - Full tube ( 1.7oz) is $40 CAN the travel size ( 1oz) $25 CAN
- The cap can become a little dirty, with extra product from tube. 

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