Monday, 4 May 2015

Favourite's for April


WOW it's already MAY, these months are going by very fast. Only got a few favourites to share with you, these are items that I found myself grabbing all the time. Month of April I find is always crazy, lot of birthday's including mine as well. So below is a list of beauty fav's than after the picture I did is all the things non-beauty.  Comment below if you like this format I'm testing out what works best. 

L'Oreal Fibraolgy volume shampoo system 
I've never had a volume shampoo like this specially from the drug store. It works amazing, by day 5 I felt fullness to my hair. Before I add it to my shower I have to get rid of some bottles, I have left. I've even gotten use to the 3 part system, thought it was gonna be lot of extra work but it doesn't take long at all. 

Laura Mercier radiant primer
I only use this in my Tzone and where my pours are a little visible. Gives a great glowy look to my skin. I love how this product makes my BB cream/ foundation blend and wear beautifully. To apply I use the dot method, than just rub it in. Before applying BB creams/foundations I let it sit a little. 

Sephora cleansing water 
Cleansing water seems to be all the rage right now. But sadly we in Canada don't have half that are hitting the market. We just got the Simple one couple months ago. The Garnier one we are still waiting to hit in stores. But When I was at Sephora the lady helping me pointed this out to me, OMG it's amazing! It cleans everything off from all foundations/BB creams, stubborn mascaras.  I use big cotton rounds to take it off simple quick no water or soap required. I do the next day of using though I do wash my face, with a cleanser to get left over stuff from the night before. 

Benefits " Big Easy " BB cream
Other than the Tarte one this is my favourite, it wears so nice. It wears so wonderful, from the time you put it on and till it comes off at night. I never seen this patch on me or slide off, I do use powder with but only in my oily areas. To get it out of the sample tub, with out getting it under my nail, I use a Qtip. Than I dot it all over my face, I use a brush or a damp make up sponge to apply this. 

Charity Pot from Lush 
This was a birthday gift from my mom, I'm so glad I checked it out and purchased it. After applying this rich formula lotion it makes every part of my skin so soft. I little goes a long way a little sweep of of this does my whole leg. It makes my skin so lovely and it soothes my dry patches and irritated skin. Also 100% of price of this jars' proceeds go to grassroots organizations, to help environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. 

Other not beauty favourites : 


Dried cranberries 
Pasta ( any kind ) 
Ice Tea
Sorbet ( triple berry ) 

Music ( I like anything but I like metal mostly )  

OMI - Cheerleader 
Emmure album - Eternal Enemies 
Kina Grannis album - Elements  
Killswitch Engaged album - Disarm the Decent 


Finding Carter
Orphan Black
The Following 

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