Thursday, 7 May 2015

Dealing with allergies and early spring issues.


Spring time is horrible for me I have really bad seasonal allergies. If it's growing I'm allergic to it specially trees and pollen. Since I've gotten older my allergies seem to be getting worse, seem to last longer than just a couple of months. These are the things that seem to help with my reactions, and problems that I have till my body gets use to outside. 

My allergy problems :

-  Pollen ( Trees and flowers ) 
- Weeds ( Ragweed, Firbush, Dandylions')
- Grass
- The sun I get **prickly heat and hives... 

** What is Prickly heat - Small, itchy red bumps on the skin are the symptoms of heat rash. The rash may feel prickly, stinging or burning. It's when you sweat glands become blocked or you don't sweat properly. More explanation in picture below.

Hydrating lotion - This Garnier intensive 7 day gel-cream keeps my itchy skin at bay. Not only do I get hives when it's allergies season, my skin feels like leather. I think it may have to do with hives and prickly heat that I get. 

Contigo water tumbler - Having a good water bottle is great for any day! I always try to keep hydrated, I have a bad habit on not drinking enough water. When it's spring/summer I try to at least have 6 glasses/bottle of water. This Contigo  brand is great, they make great range of bottles I have 4 of them. I like them because the one that isn't shown is leak proof. The one in this picture you can take the straw out, little door closes over straw hole and you can shake it with out spilling. 

Reactine allergy pills - OMG these are my savour, every year I choose another allergy medication. This year it's Reactine 24h non drowsy work at keeping the sneezing itchy pallet and blood shot/itchy eyes at bay. You can get these and many like these at your local drug stores, over the counter you don't need a prescription for them. 

Cover Girl 24/7 mascara - This mascara doesn't budge and between the watery eyes and itching them, I need something that can hold up. I tried waterproof mascara but getting off at the end of the day was breaking my lashes. I found this one it acts like a waterproof one but way more simple to get off at the end of the day. I can have watery eyes and sneeze and this doesn't even smudge or run, it's great for allergy suffers. 

EOS Lemondrop lipball in  SPF 15 - This is a must for me I use it every day before heading outside. I also have another one with SPF in it that I take to work, that has a wind blocker in it. It's a great way to keep you lips moist but with added protection with SPF, your lips are thin skinned they are more prone to getting burnt from the sun. 

**Thanks to google images 

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