Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bring on the lines !! ( Favourite liners )


When it comes to eyeliner I don't seem to wear it often, to have a set favourite one. It seems that I don't have the patients to fiddle with something that feels so complicated. Also I find extremely hard to do a wing and make them even, when you also have hooded eyes it tends to get everywhere. I do find myself using liner on my tight-line, find it just gives a little more definition to my lash line. But when I do wear liner on my eyes these are the 2 that I seem to be reaching for. The liner that I use to tight-line is Urban Decay 24/7 in black.

Jordana Fabuliner 01 (Black) - This was my first liquid eyeliner that I've ever used, it's a keeper ! Before I go my passport my friend use to buy these in the states for me, but now I can go myself. This black eyeliner is great for beginners because you can just press the felt tip onto your lid. The tip of this is great for wing and to get into the inner corner of your eye. Also one thing that I found this doesn't do that  the Rimmel one does. It doesn't skip or dragging of your eye, it's a little more gentle than tugging at your lids all the time.

- Great for beginners great to learn with
- Easy to apply
- Great price
- Doesn't tug at your eye area
- Simple to wash off

- When you've had it a while it starts to fade ( shown in the picture between to 2 lines )
- Needs primer to keep it in place
- Hard to find when in Canada

Swatches from L to R ;
Jordana new and old pens
Rimmel Gel liner 

Rimmel Gel paint pot also in Black -  Hands down this is the best gel liner I used, I bought it specifically for halloween continued to practice. Long lasting, intense black liner, that goes on so smoothly. One thing that I found with this, the more product you have on the little brush, the easer it was to work with it. But it also can become a little over whelming, specially when your first starting with liners.

- Intense black
- 24h wear
- Difficult to get off with just eye make up remover and water, I'd suggest using the 2 part eye make up remover something with oil in it.
- Comes with a little application brush
- Can find at any drug store
- Doesn't fade

- Can be tricky to get use to
- You need a lot of product on the brush to get the results you want.
- You get major racoon/panda eyes with this  
- Container may dry up
- Some tugging at your eye area
Using both products to do my Halloween makeup 

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