Thursday, 14 May 2015

Battle of the Antiperspirants and De-ordernts


Alright ladies get out your popcorn and get comfy because this one gonna long one. This one is going to upfront and personal by the title we are talking about deodorants and antiperspirants, or the combo of the 2. But there are so many on the market now a days which can be hard to pick one that works or  one that smells decent. You also have the battle of picking if you want gel,solid or spray just to throw in some confusion. This is the problem I have if you can tell how many I have, in the picture only really 2 of these have worked well. The ones I  found that they work best is ones, that are combination of antiperspirants/deodorant. Also another problem is what is with fruit smelling scents, I don't want to smell like watermelon or strawberry. I find the fruity scents don't even cover the smell of B.O through out the day, or give me that fresh feeling all day. The one that isn't shown in this picture is I have a clinical one that is travel sized. That one stays in my purse so I have it one the go, or when I don't come home. 

 So I'm gonna break down the ones in the picture for, let me know what your thoughts are?! Comment below if you have tried others love hearing recommendations. 

Right Guard (mens )  (Combo ) -   This is the one that I just recently picked up.It' s men's because I'm been having an issue of women's isn't strong enough during the hot months. One good thing is a lot of male deordernts are fresh scented so no one really knows that I'm wearing mens. So far this one has been a winner I like how it keeps me dry all day, with out having the urge to reapply. 

Soft & Dri ( Deordernt )   The only  one that I could find that was Aluminum free. This started off my moms' but she didn't like it. So instead of wasting a whole container of product I'm using it. I like this one if I'm wearing black t-shirts, you don't get the white marks. One thing I don't like about this one is it just deordernt, doesn't seem to last me the whole day. 

Mitchum Advanced control ( Solid Combo) -  This one is my favourite women's combo because it works. I just have a little of this left, so using it on bad hot days.  I'll be probably getting another one just a little more $$ than others.  First time in a while a womens deorernt and antiperspirant  actually last me a whole day, while also keeping me dry. 

Mitchum Advanced 48h (Gel Combo)  -  Thought this one was going to be like the solid that I love so dearly... WRONG !!! Because it's gel it takes a while to set you have to let dry. Tends to leave a while residue on your skin,also tends to be a little messy coming out of the little wholes.  Isn't as strong of a formula as the solid one, smells nice I'll give it that. You do get more product in the Mitchum containers than you do the other shown and the market. 

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