Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring/Summer Routine


Good-bye extra heavy moisturizers and creams and HELLO light weight and sun protection! So this post is all about the products I use in the spring/summer to keep my skin healthy safe during the summer rays. I try to keep products to a minimum on my face, because I tend to get over greasy in some spots. Also you don't want a full face of products on your skin, specially when it's hot out and the sun maybe melting it all off. But with the search of the right products that are lighter you can have great results, and keep your skin healthy. Also a good switch you can do to help your skin is,  switching your heavy creams/potions. Searching to a gel based formals or even water based, will take a lot of weight and heaviness on your skin during hot spring/summer days. The light weight formula's will help your skin breath, than say you using a heavy moisturizer can clog your pores. Your skin reacts different in the summer, it produces more oil to help against the sun.So you mix that with heavy products you can cause acne or a look like you have an oil slick on your face. Below I shared with you some of my favourite summer products, that I find work amazing all together. 

Purity: This bottle has lasted me a while, I mix it up with my other cleanser that I have. Its super gentle and lathers up great on my skin. I don't get the tight face feeling keeps my skin balanced, it's ideal if you have sensitive skin as well. It takes all make up off with our scrubbing or making break outs worse.  

Olay Fresh Effect SPF 15  : I decided to try this and I love it ! It's light but very moisturizing the smell of this in the morning, is heavenly smells like fresh green grapes. It's got SPF 15 so it will keep you protected, also one benefit to this is you can reapply this for more sun protection. 

Body Shop Vitamin E face cream - This is my new love, lately I've been using this as my everyday early night/night moisturizer. The vitamin E is very soothing to the skin and feels wonderful, it's very creamy but still very light. 

Neutrogena  Ultra-Sheer sun screen : I work with children and we go outside for long periods. So by the time the afternoon comes around  my moisturizer with SPF is not strong enough. Also have tattoo's this is a great way of protecting your skin, and keeping from tattoos' from fading specially color ones. I found this is the best it's not gross feeling or oily. If you are looking at this one specific, it comes in a face only. 

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  1. Ohhh, this is a great list and I have been wondering about the Olay one. Nice to know that it's light but moisturizing, will pick it up to try soon!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. the neutrogena is one of my faves