Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Origins - Checks & Balance first impressions

Lovelies ! 

Lately I've been searching for new cleanser, I find it's the hardest thing for me to find a good one. I'm almost done my others that I have in my bathroom/shower area, so it was a trip to Sephora. I wanted to try a higher end cleanser than what I'm use to, I normally use drug store brands. I needed a change seeing that I'm getting older, my skin is changing. Took me some samples from Sephora to figure out what one I liked the most and what was right for my skin.  The sample that I fell in love with was Origins Checks and Balance. After using the samples I thought I'd get the travel size of this product. Thought getting the travel would be a great way to try it out longer than one of the samples would last me. Would  I like this product after a couple of months using it, it a little hard to tell from just a little sample.  I rather have a little bottle kicking around than a huge bottle that I payed $25 CAN. What are your favourite products to wash your face with, Origins' or not? ! 


- Has a little minty scent 
- Foams a little but its very creamy product on the face
- Leaves skin looking amazing and balanced 
-Doesn't make my skin tight at all, doesn't have that pulled feeling after washing
- Little goes a long way I do a little smaller than a pea size amount
- Comes in 2 sizes 1.7 oz  ($15 CAN ) and a 5 oz ($25 CAN) 
- 2 places carry this product Sephora and some Shoppers Drug Mart ( Canada only ) 


- Price point it was a bit of a shocker from going to drug store brands.  

1.7 oz ( Travel size ) 

Sites : http://www.origins.com/index.tmpl

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