Monday, 13 April 2015

Influenster voxbox - L'oreal Fibralogy volume system


I received these from Influenster ( my blog post on them) in my voxbox. One thing about this Voxbox is I've been looking at this product line in the drug store. I've never tried L'oreal hair care before, so I'm excited when I qualified for this box. What you got was 3 part system shampoo, booster, conditioner along with a card describing each part.

One thing I had cross my mind was it's 3 part system, I have fine hair. Thought the whole process was gonna be to much for my hair. But I just toned down the amount of the serum and the conditioner. The conditioner was a light weight enough that it didn't weight down my hair, the serum was clear gel based so it was fine. I think if the booster was a cream product I think it would have a different effect. I said by day 5 I saw results gave me some fullness to my hair, I recently cut my hair so it doesn't fit in a pony tail really. But in grabbing my hair in the pony tail shape felt full of volume, using styling products gave me a nice effect.

What I liked :

  • Made my hair feel amazing in and out of the shower. 
  • Light weight conditioner and serum 
  • Didn't have the greasy issue the next day, with using the conditioner and serum together. 
  • The shampoo got a milky texture to it, lathers up nicely 
  • Nice scent wasn't too fake 
  • By the 4th day started to see results in my hair, it felt more fuller. 

What I didn't like :

  • The step system ( specially when you just a shampoo kinda gal )
  • Bulky bottles could have been slimmer  
  • For someone that doesn't use that much conditioner the bottle was huge ! 

So the verdict you say....? I give it 8/10 ! Do I like it yes I think as a volume shampoo, this is the best I've used an saw results. I think though I'd just use the booster and the shampoo to see if I didn't need the conditioner. In all it was a great system if you have fine/thin or your looking for some body, I would like to try their normal volume shampoo to compare the both.


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