Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Drug store - NYC Big Bold Angel Lash


We all love that drug products but one thing I love most is mascara, specially if there are deals.  I received a NYC mascara in a Influenster box a while ago (post here) on the mascara I got. I fell in love with it, so when it was time to get a replacement I chose a different one. I saw this was new and decided to try it out, NYC makes a whole range of mascara's. This formula is a little different than the last one, its a little wetter.  I'm not a big fan of really wet/wet mascaras but I just wait till they dry out a little. Also the wand is a little different than the other one I had prior, taken a little time to see what way works the best. This one is a pear shaped ( that's the best way I can describe it) goes a little small in the centre with chubby top and bottom.  Compared to the other NYC Big Curl Volume is that wand is curved on side, sorta looks like the CG clump crusher wand but way my big.  I'm still trying to get use to the wand tip and what way is the best to apply this. I chose to get another NYC mascara, because I found that using my ones that  I would go out on the town little to dramatic for working with kids. 


- Great price ( CAN $3.59-$6) online : ($4.99 CAN) 
- Makes your lashes look great, makes my outer lashes fan out.
- Great fun packaging 
- Natural looking 
- Beeswax
- 11x the volume 


- Little flakey compared to the Big Volume
- I found my Walmart selection was a little picked over 



  1. Thanks for sharing. Sounds good.

  2. Mascaras are very tricky for me because I have short, straight and sparse lashes. Definitely will be giving this a miss.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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