Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Nars birthday gift from Sephora

Ladies ! 

So it's coming to my birthday, so it was time to take a trip to Sephora to get my gift! This year it was 2 lip pencils from Nars lip line. Hope you enjoy on what I thought about them, they are truly a great product to have. 

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil- Cruella  :

One thing I do have to say with this matte is, it's very dehydrating to the lips get a good lip balm before thinking on getting this red. This is my first matte lip product I've ever tried, loved how easy it is to apply on my lips in this pencil formula. I'm still kinda have a 50/50 love with this color so far, love the shade and the formula. But when it comes to how drying it is to my lips not such a fan. One thing that I think will help the situation would be if you could get the lip gloss to match. As for durable as a matte lip well lets see. The formula isn't heavy didn't find this color to fade to much, I wore it to my 3 hour day working with children it held up very well. Wasn't sure how this product was gonna be with my chapped lips that I have already. But with combo of my BITE  lip mask underneath and that seems to be working well, gives enough for moisture but doesn't make the product slide. One complaint I do have with this, I think it's because it's my first matte lip, but  within 2 hours my lips are tight and it looks like my lips are prunes. One thing I do say with this is the color is GORGEOUS  !! and is a red would work with everyones skin tone.


- Great color
- Easy to apply
- Product hold up  with out fading around 4, hrs. I was drinking water at work and it lasted 31/2hrs before I noticed it was fading a little.
- No feathering
- No need for lining


- Very dehydrating to lips
- Need a heavy duty lip balm as a barrier
- No twist up product

Satin Lip Pencil - Rikugien :

The best way to describe this color is rose champagne color! It's so flattering I wore this out and got so many compliments on it. I like the feeling of this one more than the matte one, think it's because it's more like a lip butter feeling. 


- Feels great on your lips, almost of a lip butter feeling
- Great everyday color 


- Would look good to fair/medium skin tones, think it's got to much cool undertones for darker skin
- Hard to sharpen 

Nars :

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