Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Empties


Well it's that time again, it's an end of the month start of a new. So I bring to you my April empties, followed by next post my favourites ( coming soon!)  This month there wasn't much that I went through this month, I'm trying to get through stuff I've had laying around for a while. I find it so hard to do empties, because i just don't stick to one thing. Do you have this same issue specially when you have multiple different products? Hope you guys enjoy my little empties, stay tuned for April favourites come hoping I can do it this weekend.

Vagisil PH feminine wash -  I know most people don't talk about the "private" stuff, but somethings need to be said. Down there needs some care too, but let's face it it's something that doesn't cross our minds. The way I use this wash is before that time of the month and after, just keeps everything kosher down there. The wash is light and gel and is sensitive enough that you can use every day, specially if you want a clean feeling after the gym. I just use my hand lather, external use only and wash away bubbles. 

Aveeno shave cream This is the best shave gel, if you have sensitive skin, or dry skin. It's very moisturizing, it's got a creamy texture to it when coming out of the can.  I've used tones of shaving creams and gels, other than the EOS one this gave me the best shave. 

Dior " Miss Dior" perfume sample - This came from my last purchase at Sephora that I did. I'm not a fan of rose scents but this was musky enough that I actually liked it. I wore it to work mostly, found it like all the Dior scents timeless. It's one brand that I find its hit or miss with the combination of my skin as well. This one stayed true through out the day, never changed but one thing it did was fade. It faded fast on my skin you can smell it on my cloths but that was about it.  Scent Notes:
Italian Mandarin Essence, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli Essence.  * From Sephora 

Neutrogena ultra gentle face wash -    Neutrogena is my favourite drug store brands. So when this came to Canada, I was excited!! This is like any other cleanser from them, they wash your face very well. The texture of this though is a little different than others, it's more a gel texture. It's clear because its' free from dyes and such. Just like the name says' it's ultra gentle, it was great for my sensitive skin, the scent was very pleasant. It washed all my make up with ease and never had that tight feeling after washing with it. 

Garnier ultra lift -   I got this from Garnier just before christmas and never opened it till after. But I'm glad I did try this OMG it's amazing. It's a great primer/base for any skin tone. It is light weight not greasy feeling and noticed a difference in how my foundation/BB creams went on. Also this is moisturizing properties too so you are doing double duty if you use this before your foundation routine. 

The Body Shop ~ Strawberry body butter sample -  received this the last time I went and  got my vitamin E cream. The lady gave me 2 strawberries and a blue berry body butter, it has been years since I used their body butter might as well give it ago again. When I was going through my teens early adult hood I use to use these all the time, one complaint that I have with the formula that they are a tad greasy. Tend not to use them as a hand cream mostly because I find them to be greasy. I use it on my legs after I've shaved for a great smooth leg. The strawberry one isn't a fake strawberry scent smells close to actual fresh strawberries.  

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